Shelled Almond Flour
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Dry cocoa almond cake

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Soft cocoa almond cake, excellent for breakfast or for those with a sweet tooth to fill with one of our spreads of your choice for a nutritious snack!


Ingredients: Eggs , Sugar, Almonds ( 25%), Bitter cocoa powder 22-24%, Flavors.

Contains allergens: Nuts, Eggs.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources.

In order to keep the fragrance and taste characteristics of the product intact, it is advisable to close the package after opening.

Product suitable for people intolerant to gluten or lactose as it is free.

Curiosity: In addition to being good simple, to make the day more energetic and for the sweet tooth it can be enriched with one of our spreads of your choice!

pack of 300 g

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