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Panettone “Gift Box”

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Great idea for your Christmas gifts!

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Artisan pastry panettone in elegant box printed with logo (reusable box)

Flavors: Classic with raisins, With dark chocolate drops, Filled with gianduia cream, Filled with pistachio cream, Filled with bergamot cream, Filled with Bagnara IGP nougat cream

Inner packaging: Transparent bag with drawstring

Ingredients and allergens are listed on the label based on the preferred flavor. On the site in correspondence with the chosen flavor.

Weight 1 kg (Classic, With drops, With bergamot)

Weight 750 g + jar of 300 g (Filled with gianduia cream, Pistachio cream, Bagnara IGP nougat cream)

Packaging available colors: Red, Gold

The decorations may differ from the pictures.


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