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How Nougat is made?

 A typical sweet of the Christmas period, but now required throughout the year, is the Torrone .

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Bagnara Calabra has been the city of torrone since 1846, but only two specialties have obtained IGP certification in 2013.

Call it Torrone di Bagnara PGI and you will be sure to receive the tasty crunchy and crumbly product made exclusively from the cooking and processing of honey, sugar and unpeeled almonds toasted, cinnamon and powdered cloves and with the coverage of granulated sugar or bitter cocoa.

According to the coverage, the “Torrone di Bagnara” PGI is presented in two versions:
Martiniana : covering with granulated sugar
Roasted iced : cover with bitter cocoa.
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It is characterized by the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped with rounded edges.

The surface of the “Martinian” version is rippled and brown (the so-called “monk’s cloak”), covered with granulated sugar. That of the variant “Torrone glazed” is shiny, smooth and smooth, dark brown, thanks to the covering of a mixture of sugar and cocoa.
All inside , both versions have a brown color and a widespread presence of well-distributed almonds.
The description of the flavor of the Torrone di Bagnara in the disciplinary of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies represents in detail the qualities of our typical dessert: ” At the first bite the dough appears crumbly and crunchy due to the correct roasting of the almonds and the high temperature to which the sugar mass was subjected. On the palate the sweetness of the dough is balanced by the flavor of toasted almonds and by a clear sensation of mulled wine with a light spicy aftertaste which, in the “Roasted Glazed” version also incorporates the perception of bitter cocoa “.
One of the most typical combinations in the production areas sees this dessert accompanied by the sweet wine of Zibibbo grapes, always of Calabrese origin.

It is advisable to keep the Torrone in a cool and dry place to prevent the humidity from making it less crisp, melt the icing or form cracks. The conservation time is one year, but it is recommended to consume it within three months of packaging to better appreciate its organoleptic characteristics.

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