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Careri Torroni since 1967

Company history

In 1967 he was born in Bagnara Calabra (RC), a small town in Reggino renowned for the production of nougat, the Pasticceria Fabbrica Torrone “CARERI”.

From that moment begins the history of its prestigious handicraft products nowadays very well known in Italy and abroad for the high quality and respect for traditions.

In 2004, making a quantum leap, the CARERI company builds a brand new laboratory with the latest generation machinery, respectful of the regulations in force but which do not replace manual labor, what makes the “CARERI” nougat typical and unique.

Even today the Pasticceria Fabbrica Torrone “CARERI” continues to seduce and conquer entire generations with its sweet creations.


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Via XXIV Maggio n. 17
89011 – Bagnara Calabra (RC) – Italy

Careri Pastry since 1967

 The Careri Torroni laboratory is located in a small town on the Costa Viola, in the province of Reggio Calabria: Bagnara Calabra.
Hospitality, enchanting views, sea, traditions and history are concentrated in a single town that rises among the hills overlooking the sea.
The hill of Marturano divides into two the very long beach that extends for over 1 km.
With the reflections of the sun and rocks on the sea, especially at sunset, the depths take on a blue-violet color. Hence the name “Costa Viola” at our shoreline which includes the municipalities of Bagnara Calabra, Palmi, Scilla and Seminara.

Noteworthy are also monuments, churches and palaces with an important historical value.

It is possible to admire the Ducal Castle Ruffo, locally known as Castello Emmarita, which today, after restoration, is home to various cultural events, and the Ruggiero Tower dating back to the 16th-17th century. </ div>

There is also the Fontana in Garibaldi, where precisely the Great General, having left the house of the National Guard, stayed to quench his thirst.
You can also appreciate Villa De Leo, in Art Nouveau style, declared of cultural interest and therefore under the protection of the Ministry of goods, cultural activities and tourism.
In the city center and in the villages you can visit historic churches such as the Church of Maria SS. del Monte Carmelo and the Church of Maria SS. del Rosario which houses the marble statue “del Padreterno”.

Besides the moments of cultural enrichment, in Bagnara it is possible to dedicate oneself to the discovery of the flavors of the typical gastronomy that brings with it the traditions of the country.
Towards the middle of April begins the swordfish hunt made of waiting and patience. Since 1965, the Swordfish Festival has been held in Bagnara in July every year.
Among the characteristic productions of Bagnara there is the torrone
You can find it and buy it on our site!
Part of the Municipality of Bagnara is the fraction of Pellegrina which is typical of the Wheat Bread derived exclusively from cereals grown and milled in Calabria.
But even artisans work hard by shaping earth and water through the lathe to create ceramic objects.
Through the tasting of the typical products of Bagnara made in our laboratory, you can live and learn about our small town even from a distance. Just visit our online shop and find out what delight you want to bring to your home!
If you happen to visit Calabria, take a trip to Bagnara, between a dip in the sea and a local dessert, you will spend a pleasant holiday.
Take a look at our video to discover Bagnara and its typical products.
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